PK/TK Study

To perform qualitative and quantitative analysis of drug in biological samples (e.g., blood, tissue, urine, cells, other fluids, etc.) by using analytical equipment according to physicochemical properties of drug.

Pharmacokinetics, PK

To evaluate pharmacological dynamics relating absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of test compound based on pharmacological characteristics in blood, tissue, cells, urine and other fluids.

Toxicokinetics, TK

To evaluate toxicity exposure according to dosage by analyzing the drug concentration in biological samples.
  • Analysis method development for drug and its metabolites

  • Method validation for analytical procedure

  • Optimization of preparation conditions

  • Sample analysis

  • Quantitation of drug and its metabolites in biological samples

  • Linearity, LOD, LOQ, recovery, accuracy, precision, selectivity, stability