Efficacy Study

Non-clinical efficacy test for drug development by specialized researchers with rich experience

Efficacy study

Specialized researchers establish an animal model system for different diseases to evaluate non-clinical efficacy relating to neurological disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, liver disease, cancer, osteoporosis, obesity and arthritis. We always prioritize customers and provide reliable data.

CNS disease

  • Depression
    • Forced swimming study (FST)
    • Tail suspension study (TST)
    • Chemical-induced adverse effect study (Hexobarbital, Apomorphine, Reserpine)
  • Alzheimer’s disease
    • Morris water maze study
    • Novel recognition study
  • Autism
    • Valproic acid-induced Autism model
  • Essential tremor
    • Harmalin-induced tremor model  
  • Pain
    • Writhing study
    • Hot plate study
    • Tail flick study
    • SNL (Chung’s) model
    • Post-operation model
    • STZ-induced diabetic pain model
    • Vincristine induced pain model
    • CFA-induced arthritis pain model
    • CFA-induced inflammatory pain model
    • Formalin study  
  • Parkinson’s disease
    • 6-OHDA-induced PD model
    • 6-OHDA-induced diskinesia model
    • MPTP-induced PD model
  • Stroke
    • Transient MCAO model
    • Permanent MCAO model


  • MTT assay (in vitro)
  • Xenograft model (in vivo)  


  • OA model
  • RA model


  • OVX model


  • C3H mice model