General Toxicity Study

Basic test performed in GLP (good laboratory practice) lab to predict toxicological effect of medicine, pesticide and various chemicals on human body

General Toxicity Study

Toxicity experts with rich experience in GLP provide consulting and non-clinical toxicity study for synthetic medicine, biomedicine, botanical drug, chemicals and pesticide. As an exclusive agent for the multinational CRO, CiToxLAB, we provide highly reliable service that satisfies the standards of Rural Development Administration, Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and OECD.

General Toxicity Study

General toxicity study is the most basic test to predict toxicity of a material under development and essential for its registration. In order to examine harmful effect of pesticide, medicine, chemicals and other pollutants on human body, toxicity that affects organs like respiratory system, alimentary system, urinary system, reproductive system and nervous system is administered once or multiple times to laboratory animals.
  • Acute Toxicity Study
  • Repeated toxicity study

Local Toxicity Study

Local toxicity study evaluates material that can be accidentally or intentionally contacted on skin and mucous membrane by using a laboratory animal (rabbit).
  • Acute Dermal Irritation Study
  • Acute Eye irritation Study

Immunotoxicity Study

Immunotoxicity study is to evaluate potential effect of test material on immune system of human body. It can be applied to evaluate whether medicine, chemicals, food, pesticide and other materials are likely to cause abnormal symptoms in immune system, as well as antigenicity, abnormal immune function and hypersensitivity.
  • Skin Sensitisation in guinea pig
  • Skin Sensitization Local Lymph Node Assay BrdU-ELISA
  • Anaphylaxis & Passive Cutaneous Anaphylaxis