Company Overview


Specialized Korean CRO constantly growing and developing
for customer satisfaction
2018 Designated as a technology specialized enterprise (K-ESP)-no. 2018-045, Ministry of SMEs and Startups
Designated CRO for Residue Analysis of small crops. 2018 by RDA
MAFRA project for the prevention & treatment against Animal Diseases
Designated CRO for Animal Health product QC by MAFRA (May 2018)
2017 TRACS registered trade mark - no. 1298808, Korean Intellectual Property Office
Additional designation of GLP testing institute(Crop residue packaging test, Crop residue analysis test)
Selected as a participant in the infectious disease prevention technology development project-Ministry of Health & Welfare(MW)
Signed an agent with VitroScreen, a multinational CRO
2016 "CI Bio-convergence center" GLP certificate of Repeated Dose 28-day Oral Toxicity Study in Rodents(MFDS, ME)
Non-clinical test performance of New complex and Cell therapy product with domestic drug manufacturer (each of 2 material) 
“CI Global Institute of Toxicology” GLP certificates of crop field trial and pesticide residue analysis (RDA)
2015 organic agricultural materials GLP organization appointed (February 2015)
Registered as Syngenta Global's GLP test designation agency (March 2015)
2014 Opening ceremony for CI Bio Convergence Institute
(Currently on the 3rd floor of GBSA test and research building)
Extended CI Bio Convergence Institute, CI Global Institute of Toxicology, and CI Analysis Center.
2013 Designated as an ecotoxicity GLP research institute (fish/cladoceran acute toxicity)
*Rural Development Administration (no.GLP-16)
*National Institute of Environmental Research (no.2013-2)
Founded CRO research center specializing in neurological disease medicine
Additionally designated as a research institution for testing effect and phytotoxicity of crop protection agent (RDA no.117)
Joint research agreement for inhalation toxicity test with H pharmaceutical in Korea
2012 Recognized as R&D center
(no. 2012110157, Croen Research Center)
Opened the second lab within the college of veterinary medicine, Seoul National University
Recognized as venture enterprise
(no. 20120400328, Small & medium Business Corporation)
Selected as a major institution for gene-based anti-cancer medicine project by Ministry of Knowledge Economy
Designated as a research institution for general toxicity GLP test
(GLP-16, RDA, skin irritation, eye irritation, oral, dermal sensitivity)
Established ecotoxicity
Signed Korean agent agreement with the multinational CRO CiTxLAB
Registered as an animal test institution
(Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, no,437)
2011 Signed exclusive Korean agent agreement with the multinational CRO CiTxLAB
Built the R&D center within the next-generation convergence technology center
Designated as a test and research institution for pesticide, etc.
(no.206, persistence, RDA)
2010 Signed Korean agent agreement with Notox, Netherland
Signed Korean agent agreement with the multinational CRO, LAB
2009 Founded Croen Research, as a lab venture within the research park, SNU