Company Overview


CRI = Communication + Reliability + Innovation

We would like to become a pioneer in of a new field as a research and development service provider through open-minded communication with our customers. We will constantly try to show you the best result.

Research and development based on the highest level of reliability is the best value that should be shared with our customers and required from all of our staff and best honor for industry researchers. All our staff will strive to show you reliable result that goes beyond your expectation.  

Joint research and development with our clients is our ultimate goal and we want to become an innovative pioneer as something more than just a non-clinical testing laboratory. We will first grow creative and innovative entrepreneurship in order to contribute to your project. Lastly, we hope our website will become a venue of information for our customers and also open communication with you

We will strive for constant communication with our customers, reliable data and professional and innovative service.

Thank you.

Croen Inc.